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Neoprene Materials

NEOPRENE is a kind of closed cell rubber foam, and not only has the soft, waterproof and stretchable property, but also have the excellent cold-resistance and high warmth. Besides, we can laminate the various fabrics on neoprene for making the finished products such as diving suits, surfing suits, wader suits, gloves, medical / sports supportsiPod baglaptop bagcell phone bag, can / bottle holders, carrier bag, slimming suits, shoes…etc.

There are 3 kinds of neoprene, and they are called CRSBR
CS,and please see the following


CR - Chloroprene Rubber ( 100% NEOPRENE )
Application : diving suits, surfing suits, wader suits, gloves, diving accessories… etc..
SBR – Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Application : sports / medical supports, laptop bag, cell phone bag, can / bottle holders, slimming suits, protectors, glasses case / straps… etc..
CVS – a combination 30% CR + 70% SBR neoprene 
Application : diving suits, surfing suits, wader suits, gloves, sport / medical supports… etc..

The suitable laminated fabrics on Neoprene sheets are : 

Nylon Jersey 4-way-stretch, softness, stretchable, various colors diving & surfing suits, bags, supports…
Polyester 2-way-stretch, good color fastness, suitable for the fluorescent colors shoes, bags, wader suits…
Double Polyester thicker than Polyester, suitable for the fluorescent colors and Dye Sublimation Print can / bottle coolers, mouse pad, bags..
Lycra / Spandex gloss surface, comfortable & stretchable fabric shoes, bags, mouse pad..
Shiny Terry long & short loop surface for a hooked Velcro sport / medical supports…
UBL / OK-T cloth the durable & excellent loop surface for a hooked Velcro sport / medical supports…
VISA cloth the loop surface, softness, good warmth keeping sport / medical supports…
Printing cloth various designed patterns, ex: camouflage cloth… bags, can / bottle coolers…
Nubuck the gloss surface, excellent quality as like leather bags, shoes….

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export, Manufacture, OEM/ODM
Payment Term: T/T, L/C

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